Exterior House Washing

We specialise in exterior house washing and cleaning. We can clean any type of cladding with our soft washing cleaning system.

For many people, their home is their single biggest asset. Soft washing the exterior of your property and using our house wash cleaning service will not only make your property look great, but will also help maintain your property’s value and reduce the need for future maintenance due to deterioration of the surface or paint.

Much like maintaining your car, the exterior of your home is less likely to need repair or replacement if it is maintained and kept clean on a regular basis. We recommend developing a 2-Year plan to manage your property’s exterior house cleaning needs. An example would be to do an exterior house wash and clean gutters one year and the next year clean the fences and ground work such as paving and drive way. A roof Treatment every 3-Years is advisable as part of this plan.

Soft washing is a technique that involves applying a detergent and degreaser that breaks down the dirt, grime, and also kills off any mold and spores that may be on the surface. This is then simply rinsed off to leave your home looking its best.

We do not use high water pressure while doing an exterior house wash. 

If you are interested in our exterior house washing service, we can provide a free quote. Contact us, through our contact us page, or call us on 0800 660 066