Fence Washing

A fence wash will give your whole property a fresh, clean look, as many times it is the first thing visitors to your home will see. 

The weather, especially in Auckland are ideal conditions for growth such as mold and algae to take hold and they love all our wooden structures.
Our wooden fences can sustain damage and look horrible if not regularly maintained or kept clean.

At Prime Property Wash we can help you with making sure your fence remains clean and free from growth. Whether it’s just dirty or covered with moss mold and mildew, we can help you maintain your fences.
We recommend washing fences every second year.

Please see our before & after photos. As the results can be very dramatic. Most can be found on our instagram page. Click here

If you are interested in our fence cleaning services, please contact us for a free quote either through our contact us page, or call us on 0800 660 066.