Frequently Asked Questions

No, there is no need for anyone to be home while we carry out our work. We do however need access to all the relevant areas around the house. All windows should be closed, and nothing left out that might get stained or damaged, such as washing on the line.

No we do not necessarily need to come to your property to be able to quote the job. We have tools that allow us to quote from information we find on the property online. Occasionally when we cannot get the information we need, we will then arrange to come on site to do the quote. 

We recommend getting your house washed once a year. It will extend the life of your paint, and keep your house sparkly clean and healthy.

The chemicals we use are safe and biodegradable.

A house wash involves washing everything from the outside of the gutters down. This includes exterior walls and windows. Soffits, face of gutters down pipes. Excludes roof, decks, canopies, etc

Disconnecting the downpipes is only necessary if you are on tank water. We do not disconnect the downpipes, so you will need to liaise with your plumbler to disconnect and reconnect the downpipes before and after we complete the job.

We have a blog post that covers what soft washing is. You can read it here. Click here.