Why is housewashing/building washing important?


Housewashing/ building washing is possibly one of the most overlooked aspects of property maintenance. Just like a car or any other asset, maintenance is key to prolonging the life of your asset. 

Not only does housewashing improve the overall look of a property, making it look clean, tidy and maintained, there are also many health and financial benefits to it. 

Things such as dirt, mould, moss, lichen can affect the longevity of many products used on the house. 

Dirt, moss and mould can affect paint and cladding as well as potentially being a health hazard as black mould is toxic. Living in a mouldy home is unhealthy and can cause all sorts of respiratory issues.

Lichen on rooves are capable of growing their roots right through the roofing material, including tiles and metal rooves. 

Mould growing on paths and decks make them slippery as well as unsightly. This is a potential hazard to anyone that uses them.

Blocked gutters prevents the free flow of water through them. Causing water to back up under the roof, and possibly back into the house.

All of these if left unchecked can potentially lead to thousands of dollars of future repairs.

A housewash/ building wash is recommend every one to two years.

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